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Photobooth Parts
Most are Model 9 parts in unknown condition.

My Auto-Photo Model 11 is for sale.

Click on the image on the right for more details.
Model 14 Sign & Lockdown Bars
Model 9 / 11 Top Signs
Door Has been cleaned,
Model 9 Serial # 1566
Model 9 Serial # 844
Model 9 Serial # 1365
Bottom Door (Front & Back)
Bottom Door (Front & Back) [Bad Glass]
Camera Table
Model 9 Camera
I have 5 in way better shape.
Delivery Unit, Feed Down Unit, Resistor, Splash Guard
Curtain Rods
Delivery Ball, Breaker Boxes
Small Film Cassettes
Small Film Cassettes
Funnel, Tank Trays, Tanks Bottom Lamp Holder
Delivery Ball, Metal Hoses
Splash Guards
Timing Gear #1
Timing Gear #2
Tank Trays & Tanks
Tank Tray & Tanks
Color D&D Tanks