Photo-Me Model 14
circa 1960
Photo-Me Model 12
circa 1959
Modified 14
The only difference between the Model 12 and 14 is that the Model 12 did a larger strip of 3 pictures. 60 mm instead of 35 mm (that I have measured) both pictures were 204 mm long. That would mean that it had a different camera, carriers and delivery unit.
The wider picture used in the Model 12 is the same as used in the Model 18.

The coolest part about these 2 is that both sides of the machine are open so it didn't need to be put against a wall and patrons could enter from both sides of the booth and let me tell you, you could also really pack em' in!

The down side is that with no side wall if you were in that habit of leaving your keys in the door once you opened it, they weren't there for long!
If you ever happen to see a Model 12 or 14 in it's original form it would be a rare find indeed! Most of these machines had their "wings" clipped so they could fit through doorways.

When my father passed away and we were emptying the garage I came across about 10 pairs of them. One pair is now sitting in my garage for my kids to throw away when it's my time...

Model 12 Strip
Model 14 Strip
A couple of pictures
of my Model 14

The top with original
top sign and displays

The bottom with 1970's top sign and displays (showing the price increase to 50 cents)