Color Booth from the 80's
Now doing 4 pictures
First Color Booth from around 1974. It took 2 photos for $0.75
The above Machines are both Colour Dip & Dunks in the same cabinets as the Model 17 B&W machines.
The Colour Processor
This was a huge step forward in the evolution of chemical photobooths! It made the changing of chemicals a breeze and updated the heating of the unit from a thermostat and nasty heating belt around the tanks to a digital heat controller and of all things aquarium heaters for the chemical tanks. No more transmission or spider to deal with or rolling chemical tanks across tile floors spilling everywhere! Uses racks with rollers in them to move the picture along and belts and a dryer instead of the old delivery unit.

Overall a real treat to work with except of course if a bleach hose or tank goes, then you welcome the day when all things go digital...
Photo-Me Model 22 used at the 2005 Junos
New Photo-Me Colour Booth
Auto Photo Model 17C
Chemical Processors
2 pose test shots of Russell Eaton the owner of National Vending Ltd. & Cary Verwys the Head Technician. circa 1982