International Mutoscope Photomat
Prior to AutoPhoto/Photo-Me's domination of the Photobooth industry in the 60's, the International Mutoscope Corporation of Long Island, New York had the Photomatic and the Photomat. Looking through our old Purchase Orders and Shipping Slips I was able to determine that there were at least 2 models, a "multi-purpose and a "deluxe". Both used the same type of chemistry Developer, Toner, Bleach & Fix and the paper was called Mutosnaps and came in single sheets 3.25" x 5" in size. The development time was 50 seconds.
I have since come across more information about the Photomatic by International Mutoscope, we used to operate those as well as the Deluxe Photomat above. I will try and add this once I get permission to use some of the pictures.