Digital Photobooths
Here are some examples of the plethora of Digital Booths on the market today.
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Polaroid Booth Not Digital but not Chemical either! I have 1 of these but can't get film...
I have 2 of these Portrait Studio sketch machines w/scanner
I have a blue one of these. Camera is too close and barely fits 2 teens in a pic
I sold a few model 14 top signs to an operator in NY who had a bunch of these Model 12's
Van Gough's Workroom sketcher
Hollywood Classic
Face Place
Dedem Viso
Hollywood Upright
Print Club sticker
Dr. Face
Digital Easel
Crazy Doctor
Pop Lady
Sticker Station
Japanese "Stylish" Machine
3D Photobooth
Digi Booth
Digi Box
e complex
Fashion ID
Sheriff Photobooth does Wanted posters